Perry Miniatures American Civil War, Union Infantry 1861-1865

For those of you who frequent the magazine’s website and Facebook pages you will already have seen the review I presented for Perry Miniatures 28mm British Infantry set. This set, also in 28mm, is Union Infantry of the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. This obviously encompasses the whole of this internal conflict which resulted in between 785,000 and 1,000,000 dead, the bulk of them soldiers but civilians and slaves also suffered. 

Sculpted by Alan Perry, this 40 figure-strong set comprises ten sprues made up of six main soldier sprues (252 parts), two further soldier sprues (36 parts), one drum and swords etc. sprue (29 parts) and one base sprue (17 parts); 334 parts which I think is a record when you see the size of the box (once their out you won’t get them back in!). The figures represent a good cross-section of Union infantry which took part in the conflict and all are wearing a standard four-button sack coat. The world is your oyster with regard to how you want to pose these figures for example you could have them charging, right shoulder shift and six of them can be posed in skirmish mode.

The set includes an A5 sheet which displays some of the wide range of infantry units during the Civil War and on the reverse is a nice display of Union Corps badges, not to mention the superb box art by Peter Dennis which exercises the imagination.

Excellent product, superb value and thanks very much to Perry Miniatures for these figures which are available from


Product: Hard plastic figure set

Ref: ACW 115

Scale: 28mm

Parts: 201

Price: £20

Manufacturer: Perry Miniatures