Perry Miniatures 28mm British Infantry (Afghanistan and Sudan) 1877-1885

Well it’s really nice to see Perry Miniatures back in the Military Modelling fold, thanks in part to Richard Dyer for steering me towards this excellent manufacturer of military figures, accessories, transfers and buildings, mainly pitched at the war gamers market. However, as I have said many times before, the scale modelling world and wargaming worlds continue to close in on each other and these 28mm (1/56) figures would be equally at home in a static diorama or a free flowing wargame.

  Our subject here is the British Infantry between 1877 and 1885 which gives the modeller a range of options as to which conflict or unit these figures are serving with. They are presented in Indian Pattern dress and as such, they are pitched at serving on the North West Frontier (specifically aimed at the 2nd Afghan War) or could be equally at home, serving in Sudan or service during the Third Burma War. Examples presented on the rear of the box include the West Kent and Irish Fusiliers in Sudan and the 66th and 67th in Afghanistan. The lovely box art by Peter Dennis gets the juices flowing before your open the packed box of figures sculpted by Michael Perry.

  The box contains enough parts for 36 figures on nine sprues made up of one base (x17), six main soldier sprues (120) and two accessories and spare sprues (64); 201 parts in total! The hard plastic parts are beautifully detailed and there attachment to the sprues, with very few exceptions, has been carefully positioned to keep clean-up to a minimum. For example the main bodies of the soldiers are connected to the sprue via the base and the shoulders (minus arms), while the heads are attached at the neck and the rifles attached by the butt and the socket of the arm holding it. Its simple things like that lowers your work load and gets to the all-important stage of posing and painting much quicker; something the wargamers obviously appreciate.

Also included in this set is a nice A5 booklet giving an overview of the campaigns these men were involved in, the composition of a British Battalion, a guide to specific parts and a nice spread of Queen’s and Regimental Colours. All in all, I am most impressed with this lovely set of figures. Great product, great value and thanks very much to Perry Miniatures for these figures which are available from


Product: Hard plastic figure set

Ref: VLW 1

Scale: 28mm (1/56)

Parts: 201

Price: £20

Manufacturer: Perry Miniatures