Plastic Soldier 15mm T-55/T-55AM2 Main Battle Tank

I must admit I was one of many who were over the moon to see Plastic Soldier moving into the Cold War period and with a great choice of subject; namely the T-55 family of MBTs. This incredible tank first entered service in 1949 and remarkably, still remains in service today thanks to its versatility and a production run which is estimated as potentially being as large as 100,000 units; which to date, makes the T-55 the world’s most produced tank.

This box set contains enough parts to build five tanks from five sprues each holding 40 parts. Three variants, the T-55, T-55A and the T-55AM2 can be built not to mention versions pertinent to the Soviet Union, Poland and Czechoslovakia. A single page instruction sheet gives you all the information you need for the build and on the rear, a sprue is colour coded so the correct parts are used for the relevant variant. On top of that a ’+’ symbol highlights parts which are shared between variants.

This is a thoroughly addictive way of building model tanks and once you’ve put these five together I can guarantee your will order another batch so that you can build even more variants. A great product which has now moved into a period of history which will eventually become as popular as WW2. 

Thanks very much to Piers Brand for our sample which is available from


Product: Construction kit

Ref: MODV15001

Scale: 15mm

Parts: 200

Price: £21.50 (PSC)

Manufacturer: The Plastic Soldier Co. Ltd.