Plastic Soldier 15mm German SdKfz 231 Armoured Car

The family of heavy armoured reconnaissance vehicles known to the Germans as Schwerer Panzerspähwagen were a highly successful series of six and eight-wheeled armoured cars. This new release from The Plastic Soldier Company focusses on the eight-wheeled SdKfz 231 family which had improved cross-country performance thanks to all-wheel-steering and two driving positions at the front and rear. As well as the standard reconnaissance variant 231, this set allows for the construction of the SdKfz 232 with extra radio sets and a frame aerial; the SdKfz 233 armed with a 7.5cm Kwk 37 L/24 gun and the Sdkfz 263 with open superstructure and armed with a 7.92 MG34 machine gun.

The packed box dominated by David Pentland’s artwork contains five sprues with more than enough parts to build five vehicles. The hard plastic parts are well-detailed considering the scale and regardless of which combination of variant you build, you will end up with a good number of parts for the spares box. Construction is straightforward aided by colour coding of the relevant parts needed for each variant; a nice touch. The rear of the box provides a solid painting guide for vehicles in all theatres.    

Once again, although this scale is more in the comfort zone of the wargamer, there is no reason why these cracking little kits should not be at home in the collector’s cabinet especially if space is at a premium.

Thanks very much to Piers Brand for our sample which is available from


Product: Construction kit

Ref: WW2V15031

Scale: 15mm (1/120)

Parts: 240

Price: £19.95 (PSC)

Manufacturer: The Plastic Soldier Co. Ltd.