Plastic Soldier 15mm Late War German Fallschirmjäger

Literally translated as ‘Parachute Hunter’, the German Fallschirmjäger had a fearsome reputation during the Second World War to such a degree they were nicknamed the ‘green devils’ by the Allies. Formed from a small group of volunteers in 1935, these Fallschirmjäger became Germany’s first specialist airborne regiment and would go on to serve in almost every major action of the war.

This latest offering from the PSC is another typically jammed box containing a dozen sprues. These contain an impressive 141 figures, enough to make up three platoon companies and a company HQ. The only figures that need assembling are a three radio operators in two parts and nine MG42 teams comprising two figures per team both of which are also in two parts. There are also three figures armed with a Panzerfaust and three more tooled up with an 88mm Panzerschreck. All of the figures/components are attached to the sprue in three places, two to the base on one to the top of the head, so clean-up should be a simple task. The rear of the box features a good painting guide which recommends using no less than ten different colours for each soldier.       

A big chunk of your army is supplied in this one value-for-money box. Thanks very much to Piers Brand for our sample which is available from


Product: Construction kit

Ref: WW2015013

Scale: 15mm

Parts: 141 figures

Price: £21.95 (PSC)

Manufacturer: The Plastic Soldier Co. Ltd.