Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 British & Commonwealth CMP 15cwt Truck

Once again pitched at the wargamer or collector, this set of three CMP 15cwt Trucks from the Plastic Soldier Company is as solid as the real thing. Each truck is made up of 25 parts contained within its own sprue which includes a driver and three passengers all serving with the BEF. A straightforward A4 instruction/part layout sheet is supplied with a build that is covered in just seven stages. Each part is described on the tool layout, such as the truck front panel, truck bed, chassis etc. so there is really no doubt what you are putting together even from a beginner’s point of view. The front of the box has another nice painting by David Pentland while the rear has an easy painting guide using Vallejo colours. These PSC sets are great value for money, great fun to build and an easy and efficient way of expanding your forces in a classic scale.    

Thanks very much to Piers Brand for our sample which is available from


Product: Construction kit

Ref: WW2V20024

Scale: 1/72

Parts: 75

Price: £17.50 (PSC)

Manufacturer: The Plastic Soldier Co. Ltd.