PSC 1/72 German PAK 40 Anti-Tank Gun & Raupenschlepper Tractor


Well here’s another busy, crammed box from the excellent Plastic Model Company. This time we have another interesting multi-layered subject in the shape of a Raupenschlepper Tractor which can be presented with taupe up with a round or square cab or in its rarer configuration, the tracked PAK 40/4. On top of that, you can also present the PAK 40 in its standard layout in action or towed behind the tractor. You also have 16 figures, including a pair of PAK 40 crews and general crew members of all vehicles, some wearing helmets and others wearing a field hat.

As usual David Pentland provides the box art and on the rear is a Vallejo colour chart and painting guide plus a side and upper profile of the Raupenschlepper towing the PAK 40. The box is filled with six brimming sprues; two are solely for figures and PAK 40 ammunition while the remainder cater for the tractor and anti-tank gun. A single A4 sized instruction sheet takes us through the build of the tractor with both cabs via seven stages and the self-propelled PAK 40 in a further seven stages. On the reverse is the clever colour-coded aid which highlights which parts are needed for each model; round cab tractor in blue, square cab tractor in green and the PAK 40/4 in red, the remainder being parts relevant to all vehicles in this set.

This is another great set from PSC which again pitches at two markets; the gamer and the collector.         

Thanks very much to Piers Brand for our sample which is available from


Product: Construction kit

Ref: WW2G20005

Scale: 1/72

Parts: 174 (16 Figures & Four Models)

Price: £13.99 (-25%) (PSC)

Manufacturer: The Plastic Soldier Co. Ltd.