Tankograd, Puma IFV part 1 Tankograd, Puma IFV part 2

Title:  Puma...
Author: Ralph Zwilling
Publisher:  Tankograd Publishing

...The New Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Bundeswehr, Parts 1 and 2

Two recent Tankograd Specials, both tackling the newly introduced Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the German Bundeswehr.  So much information for this one that it has been split over two parts.  The text throughout, including all the well captioned photos, is provided in both German and English which is helpful.  The quality of the photos is to their equally usual high quality.

Part 1 starts with the Development of the Marder IFV replacement.  It goes on to feature the System Demonstrator, a Mobility Experimental Vehicle, the Pre-Series vehicle and then the various early Series vehicles, 1 through to 11.  Then a look inside the Panzer Factory and the first ones handed over to the Army and it going into service with a super series of walk around pictures.  The final sections for this first part include Tactical Markings, Protection Concept, Fire Suppression System, NBC Protection System, Active Self-Protection System and Mobility.

Part 2 is another 128 page soft cover book, and again with dual language text.  This one starts off with Training for new crews,  then Operational Levels before we get to more detail.  These cover Firepower, the 30mm automatic cannon and the 5.56mm machine gun.  Future plans feature with fitting a Guided Missile System and a Secondary Weapon System (smoke grenades etc).  Then we get to Command Capability, Panorama Periscope, Gunner's Optronics, Attica thermal imager, Hatches and Vision Blocks, Optronic Observation System, Radio Equipment, Integrated Command and Information System, Intercommunication System, Navigation System, Crew Stations and Storage Concept, Driver's Station, Commander and Gunner, Infantry Squad (compartment) and finally Driver's Training Vehicle.  All illustrated in detailed photos from both inside and outside the vehicle, I can't think of anything they have left out.  For the modeller, there is enough reference to really superdetail a model.

My thanks to Jochen Vollert for our example.

The Tankograd book series are imported to the UK by Bookworld . You can also see the Tankograd website.