Red Zebra 1/35 New Jersey Barriers

It’s great to find a new company and during a trip to Figure World I came across a group of excellent accessories by a company called Red Zebra. There was a collection of interesting products such as concrete road blocks, brick rubble, stone rubble and much, much more which would be ideally suited to a modern day diorama. Seeing the potential for graffiti as well, my eye was drawn to an item which would be classed as very mundane in the real world. These were a trio of Jersey Barriers of which I had the choice of a set in new condition or ones that were battered and bashed; I chose the former. The barriers are cast in fine dental plaster which also makes them feel like the real, as well as being an accurate reproduction. 

This is a great little product, supported by a large range of items which would enhance any number of scenarios in your diorama. Look out for Red Zebra at the Euro Miniature Expo in September. This product was purchased from Richard at SK Miniatures (


Product: Plaster Cast Accessory  

Ref: n/a

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 3

Price: £9

Manufacturer: Red Zebra