Revell 1/32 Fw190 A-8 A-8/R11 Nightfighter

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 single-seat fighter was one of the most successful aircraft of the Second World War and alongside the Messerschmitt Bf 109 formed the backbone of the Luftwaffe’s fighter force. More than 20,000 Fw 190s were built between 1941 and 1945, the most prolific version being the Fw 190 A-8 which only entered produced in February 1944 but by the end of the conflict more 6,650 had been produced.

  This 2017 release from Revell is specifically the Fw 190 A-8/R11 Nightfighter. The ‘R11’ equates to Rustsatze which is effectively a field modification kit. In this case the modification R11 involved the fitment of a FuG 125 radio and a PKS 12 RDF (Radio Direction Finder) and in some cases, if not already installed in the factory, a set of window heaters.

  This kit is not quite as new as it makes out thanks to information given away on the lower wing section and the fuselage halves which show that this is an update of the 2015 Fw 190 F-8 kit (04869) produced in 2015. No big deal here, Revell has used this as the foundation for this A-8 version which looks pretty good on its ten grey plastic sprues. There should be 13, but unfortunately the cockpit glass sprues are missing from our example. Decals by Hobbico are supplied for two versions; a machine of II/JG 301 based at Erfurt-Nord in June 1944 and ‘Red 3’ also of JG 301 in May 1945.

  The usual good quality A4 instruction book leads us straight into decision time with this kit; A-8 or A-8/R11 Nightfighter, the latter featuring large aerials mounted above (port wing only) and below the leading edge of the wing. Those aerials, for many, are probably the reason why you were drawn to this kit in the first place and this aspect sets this Fw 190 apart from the rest. Whichever choice you make your starting point for this build will involve a drill and the three wing sections. The rivet counters will be reasonably happy with the surface panel moulding and the cockpit is reasonably well-detailed. The BMW 801 engine is excellent and as always, it’s a shame to cover it up unless you fancy carving up the cowling for some access. A 72 stage build, you just have to concentrate that you don’t swing from one mark to another as you progress. Also included is a display stand; it’s a bit ‘old school’ to me putting an aircraft on a stand these days, but if it’s the only example in your display cabinet then why not!

   This kit featured the following:

- A choice to build the aircraft as a night fighter with antenna array

- Super detailed BMW 801 radial engine with exhaust manifold

- Can be built with open engine cowling's, machine gun cover or extended flaps

- Moveable ailerons and rudder

- Rotating propeller

- A choice of normal or arched cockpit canopy

- Detailed cockpit

- Detailed instrument panel

- Tailwheel can be mounted extended or retracted

- Detailed under-carriage

- Two fully detailed MG131 machine guns

- Large display stand with many flight positions

- Decal set for two German Luftwaffe versions


Length 282mm; Wingspan 327 mm


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Product: Construction kit

Ref: 03926

Scale: 1/32

Parts: 174

Price: £33.29 (e-models – RRP £36.99)

Manufacturer: Revell