Revell 1/72 Vampire F Mk.3

Born from Air Ministry Specification E6/41, the Goblin-powered De Havilland DH.100 Spider Crab (as the Vampire was originally known) first flew from Hatfield in September 1943 followed by the first of 120 F.1s entering service with 247 Squadron in March 1946. A well-designed aircraft from the start, it had limitations that were addressed in the F.3 variant; the biggest improvement being a better than 50% increase of internal fuel capacity to 330 gallons. Armed with four 20mm cannons, 138 airframes of this mark were built for the RAF with the first entering service with 54 Squadron in April 1948.  

Revell have recently released a well-regarded model of the Vampire F.3; I say that because the mouldings have been released under the Special Hobby, Xtrakit and Azur labels as the FB.3, FB.5 and FB.6/52 in recent years. However, that should not be seen as a reflection of the quality of the kit. The Vampire F.3 is made up of 51 grey coloured parts from two sprues and five items from the clear sprue. The parts themselves are nicely produced; panel lines and fasteners very cleanly cut. The wing wheel wells are particularly nicely moulded while the front nose wheel slot may benefit from a little ‘busying up’.

Instructions are the standard Revell multi-coloured booklet and a decal sheet is included for two aircraft from the RAuxAF in the early fifties.

There are some small issues with the model, but overall I really do like the look of this kit, it will definitely look the part when complete and for a reasonable RRP, this is definitely a good buy.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 03934

Scale: 1/72

Parts: 58

Price: £12.99

Manufacturer: Revell