Richard Duke of York

King by Right by Matthew Lewis

The father of King Edward IV and Richard III, Richard of York, the third Duke of York was destined never to become king of England himself and would die in battle during the Battle of Wakefield in December 1460 before his planned opportunity arrived.

A fascinating man, historian Matthew Lewis puts some serious meat on the bone with regard to Richard and his character and the position he found himself in before the Wars of the Roses which he is often credited with causing. The story of Richard can be quite complex but Lewis has made this a very easy, digestible read which seeks to shatter many of the myths surrounding this interesting character. My only criticism would be the lack of bibliography and references which always add weight if an historical account is to be taken seriously. That said this is still worth parting with a £10 note for and you gain a great deal of historical knowledge to boot.

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ISBN: 978-1-4456-7208


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