Rolls-Royce Armoured Car

1915-1944 (all models) by David Fletcher MBE

One of the great icons of early 20th Century warfare, the Rolls-Royce armoured car has now slipped into the world of legend having served on the streets of Dublin and in the Middle East with the likes of Lawrence of Arabia, through the inter-war period and on into the Second World War. Under the harsh exterior lies the modified chassis (inc. stronger rear springs and disc wheels) of a 40/50hp Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost which first entered service in 1914 with the RNAS who used them for shore patrols. Upgraded and modified after the First World War, the armoured car continued to serve the British Army, RAF and Irish Army. Particularly well-suited to the desert, the armoured car maintained a serious presence especially when employed in Imperial policing duties in Egypt, India and Iraq. They last saw action in the deserts of North African during the Second World War but remained in service with the Irish Army into the 1950s.

This latest manual from Haynes has been written by Tank Museum historian David Fletcher and the museum’s own preserved H3830 and the Irish Army’s ‘Sliabh na mBan’ are at the heart of this excellent book. The historical coverage, supported by 260 photographs dominates three chapters of this nine-chapter manual. The chapters on the First World War, The interwar years and The Second World War are particularly informative and the range and locations in the supporting images will stimulate multiple ideas for the modeller. An anatomy section is very thorough, aided by full access to the only two working examples of the Rolls-Royce armoured car.    

One of my favourite subjects and by far the most feasible of vehicles to own and restore compared to Haynes manuals I have reviewed in the past – wouldn’t that be a barn find! Produced to Haynes typical high standard this is highly recommended to all armoured car fans. Thanks very much to Max at McCann PR for our review copy.


ISBN: 978-1-78521-058-7

Price: £22.99

Pages: 156

Format: hardback – A4

Publisher: Haynes Publishing