Roman Body Armour

By Hilary & John Travis

Well this is a little gem of book which was first published back in 2012. While this is nearer to a reference book rather than a bedtime read, this is no criticism from a historian’s point of view. Filled with numerous re-enactor photographs, colour artwork and many diagrams and line drawings this book will answer every question you have from a modelling point of view let alone an historical one. Drawing from archeological evidence, published information and sculpted imagery the author’s experience of physically reconstructing the armour, rather than creating it as a line drawing, comes across well.

A lengthy introduction is followed by chapters on Lorica Segmentata, Mail, Muscle Cuirass, Scale Armour and Protective Undergarments to name a few. The appendix features a reassessment of the armour found in the Corbridge Hoard which was excavated back in 1964.   

There is a lot going for this book and if you a fan of the Romans and you have not got this book – why not? Thanks to Philip at Amberley Publishing for our review copy.


ISBN: 978-1-4456-0803-7


Price: £17.09 (Amberley website)

Pages: 160

Format: softback – 244mm x 168mm

Publisher: Amberley Publishing