Rubicon 1/56 US 2½ ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Deuce and a Half’, the ubiquitous GMC-built CCKW (‘C’ = 1941; ‘C’ = Conventional Cab; ‘K’ = All-wheel drive & ‘W’ = dual rear axles) was one of those iconic workhorses that was taken for granted during WW2. An incredible 562,750 of these hard-working trucks was produced between 1941 and 1945 by GMC, Yellow Truck and Coach Chevrolet.

This very nice rendition of the 6x6 Cargo Truck gives the modeller numerous build options from a kit that has just 59 parts held on two sprues supported by an A5 instruction booklet with just seven stages to follow. Sounds simple doesn’t it and yes it should be but even I almost managed to build a hybrid as I was so easily distracted by the different options. As always, take your time and think about which variant you really want to build. I ended up with the common open rear flatbed floor, framed sides and benches for troops plus a gun ring over the passenger seat complete with 0.5in machine gun to make it more warlike. My build left at least eight parts still on the sprue without mentioned the figures. Other options are a no machine gun, a canvas cover over the cab and a full canvas cover to the rear with solid canvas cover at the back or a standard tailgate, plus a further option of a winch mounted between the front bumper and radiator. I think you can produce eight or more different configurations without mentioned the two figures provided who serve as driver and gunner.

The kit is also provided with an extensive decal sheet for trucks serving with either US or Russian Army while the box art and info on the rear give you all the colour information you need for the ‘Deuce’; any variation of olive green will suffice!

 Thanks to Rubicon Models for our example.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 280037

Scale: 1/56 (28mm)

Parts: 59

Price: £18 (PSC)

Manufacturer: Rubicon