Rubicon BM-13 ‘Katyusha’ & Studebaker US6

The name ‘Katyusha’ (‘Katie’) when associated with the Second World War conjures up a vision of flame trailing rockets being delivered en masse towards the enemy coupled with a screeching sound which would have put the fear of god into all but the most battle hardened troops, hence its nickname by the Germans – ‘Stalinorgel’ (‘Stalin’s organ’). A simple design, the BM-13 ‘Katyusha’ rocket artillery consisted of parallel rails mounted on a folding frame. The rocket was 2ft 7in (80cm) long, had diameter of 5.2in (13.2cm) and weighed 93lb (2kg). Generally the BM-13 was mounted on a truck so that once fired it could be quickly relocated otherwise the inevitable return fire would have brought the day to an end quicker than planned.

This example by Rubicon features a BM-13 mounted to the rear of a Studebaker US6 6x6 truck of which thousands were supplied to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease. Typically, Rubicon gives the option of building a standard US6 or the truck with the BM-13 on the rear. The former option helps raise the part count to 49 which are mounted on three sturdy sprues while the cab of the US6 is separate. A jammed pack waterslide decal sheet is also included with Soviet and US markings. The build is straight forward, the only complex part is the BM-13 and some care should be applied to the folding frame which can be made to elevate. Once again, a wargaming scale kit which makes for a great model.

Thanks to Jamie at Rubicon Models for our example.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: 280036

Scale: 1/56 (28mm)

Parts: 49

Price: £18

Manufacturer: Rubicon