Trumpeter 1/35 BTR-40 APC - box art
Part of a recent stream of Soviet Cold War vehicles from Trumpeter in their 1/35 range, this time the smaller BTR-40.  A small scout car that clearly shows a throw back to the extensive use of the US built White Scout Car during WW2.  The first design and prototypes were built in 1947 but weren't acceptable, and it wasn't until 1950 that others were produced that did become accepted as the BTR-40.  Essentially an armoured body on a shortened version of the 4-wheel drive chassis of the GAZ-63 truck.
Used throughout the Warsaw Pact, it served on into the 1970s, though it had been largely replaced by the larger BTR-152.  It was also sold to many other countries, especially in the Middle East, were a number were captured and put into service by the Israelis as well.  It worked in a variety of roles, though the basic APC as we see in the kit didn't have any particular armament, though did have 3 pintle pountings for machine guns.  It saw action in Korea as well as the Middle East, and a few were in use in Vietnam as well.
As for the kit itself, the detailing both inside and out is nicely done, and Trumpeter have been doing a really good job of these Cold War vehicles.  The engine and drive train is all included, along with a well detailed set of running gear.  Seats, racks etc all in the body interior, and racks for the rear plate as well.  A small fret of etch brass included, along with some copper wire for detailing.  Then the large, heavy treaded tyres are in the black vinyl that Trumpeter commonly use these days.  Once again, the particular avenue this kit leaves open for aftermarket producers is for some stowage to fill out a nicely detailed but 'empty' interior and potentially some crew figures as well.  For a base kit of the BTR-40 though, this is very nicely done.
Two colour and marking options are provided for, and you can see their colour illustrations in the album below.  Both in Russian service, one is a plain green machine, while the other is in a 3-colour scheme of green/grey/red-brown, one which certainly is more eye catching than the plain green alternative.
There are a few examples of these to be seen in the UK.  The first I saw was at the Budge Collection many yeaars ago (alongside a BTR 152); an Israeli finished one has been at Beltring a few times; while a fine one is held within the Muckleburgh Collection in North Norfolk if you would like to see one for yourself.
Thanks to the UK importers, Pocketbond, for our example.
For more details of the Trumpeter range, see their website