SV Models 1/35 Russian Village House

We carried news of this new range from Russia just a few weeks ago, and now having had a look at one of their models I must say I am impressed.  I haven't had the chance to build it yet but the kit makes for a very good impression when you open it up.  Nice neat box illustration to start things off, and the dimensions it shows of the finished model gives a good idea of just how big this will be in 1/35.  With measurements of 24cm x 21cm x 17cm this is a good size.

I was impressed when I opened the box, and seeing not only the quality of the parts, but the neat presentation of everything in the box.  The log wall construction of the building comes split across 5 labeled bags of prepared parts which are cut to size, and with the laser cut cut-outs which are used to link everything together.  Along with these are the basic flat sheets for the roof panels, to which you fix flat strips.  The bundles of wood strips are different sizes, and these are all labeled accordingly.  With all these marked size parts you just need to follow the detailed assembly instructions.  The front page of the booklet is in Russian but within the box is a separate sheet which provides the English translation.  The rest of the booklet is made up from well done assembly diagrams that lead you through each step of constructing the house.  For things like doors and windows there are laser cut parts, and an etch fret which carries parts for thing like hinges.  There is also a sheet of clear plastic to use for glazing the windows, so it show the whole kit has been well planned and thought through.

My next step will be to actually build it but initial impressions are a good quality model, well made and presented.

We are pleased to have been able to introduce you to this manufacturer of wooden model kits - SV-Model ( - (They have a website, but it has not yet translated into English.)