Sagger Anti-Tank Missile vs M60 MBT

Yom Kippur War 1973 by Chris McNab

Israeli tanks are counterattacking the successful Egyptian crossing of the Suez Canal when the lead tanks spot what seems to be tree stumps in the sand. Moments later they are hit by a lethal barrage of anti-tank missiles. This is one of the first significant encounters between the two archetypal Cold War weapons, the tank and the missile and it was a shock for the tankers. This book follows the usual Duel format of a short history of the development of the weapons, training of crews, profiles of the opposing commanders and the battle in text, photos and with colour illustrations. In the battles that followed, the IDF tankers adapted to the new weapon by developing countermeasures, eventually pushing the Arab armies back across the Suez Canal but it was a costly victory in machines and men. The legacy was an urgent re-evaluation of the effectiveness of the anti-tank missile and proof that a resourceful and well trained infantryman in the right circumstances with an effective weapon can bring down a much stronger foe on modern battlefields. This is a fascinating account of warfare technologies that presaged the smart missiles and sophisticated armour and electronic defences of today’s tanks.

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ISBN: 978-1-4728-2577-3

Price: £12.99

Pages: 80

Format: Softback – 248x185mm

Publisher: Osprey Publishing