Dragon 1/35 SAS Patrol Commanders Car

A new variation on their SAS 1/4 ton 4x4 (it's a Jeep of course but licensing constraints prevent them from calling it what it is) with a few new parts and the two seated crew figures seen in the box art, and taken from a very well known wartime photo.

I built their earlier release of this desert version of the SAS Jeep, and despite a couple of errors that drew comments on that release, I don't think many modellers will be bothered.  The grille is a bit off in some spacing, and a girder inside the bodywork that wasn't there on the original Jeep.  I still assume that has appeared from a restored example they got reference photos from, and which may have that 'extra' work in the restoration.  I don't know, that is just a guess.  Either way, once everything is together, you have to know and to look for it to spot it.  I found fit of parts to be good, and a very enjoyable model to build.

A couple of differences with this new release are of course the inclusion of the two bearded crew figures, along with a couple of German pattern Jerry Cans which are now included along with the US pattern ones, and a new option with the tyres made up from a number of 'slices' that fit together to build up a nice tread pattern, though there are the simpler original one piece ones still included in the box if you fancy the simpler option.  If I have one regret with this model it is that they didn't include the standing figure featured in the box art to go with it, and allow you to reproduce that box art/photo illustration.  The other omission from this kit and the earlier one is any additional stowage other than the Jerry cans and Vickers-K guns.  I turned to the Black Dog accessory set for that, and I think Legend do a set as well if I remember correctly.  A shame that stowage seems to be a feature that Dragon don't go in for in their kits, unlike the old Tamiya kit for example.  One of the few things they don't seem to have latched on to.

Overall I like this, a kit which assembles well and is brought to life a bit more by the inclusion of the two figures.

Our thanks to Dragon Models for our example.

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