Scale 75 - Colours for Uniforms, Feldgrau

Reviewed for Military Modelling by Brian O’Donoghue

The German Field Grey uniform is one of the more recognisable uniforms from both the First and Second World War. Field Grey or Feldgrau, a colour that begs the question is the colour grey, green or a mix of both. On looking at a collection of these uniforms at a Militaria fair the answer appears to be both.

This set comes as part one of their dedicated paint sets, comprising of four 17ml acrylic paints. This set is supplied with a bilingual inlay card that supplies a few directions to aid painting a figure wearing the typical Field Grey uniform. The instructions show only a figure wearing a greatcoat being painted but this set will provide the correct shade of paint for painting the uniform but does not specify the colours to be used for the webbing.

The painting guide shows the option is to add the base coat either Field Grey 1 or 2 using a brush and add the highlights using an airbrush. The shading is then added utilising a brush, the modeller could also use the SS Camo Shadow for the black leather boots and the basic webbing straps.

Recommended for all figure painters, especially for those modellers who find it difficult to match ‘the difficult to match’ field grey uniform.

With thanks to Scale 75 for the review sample.


Product: Paints

Ref: SSE-029

Scale: n/a

Parts: 4

Price: £9.75

Manufacturer: Scale75