Scale Model Handbook No.18

With contributions by Mike ‘The Kiwi’ Butler, Roberto Ramirez Gutierrez, Stelios Neofytidis, Sergey Popovichenko, Toshihiro Sano and Qianwei Shi.

Stelios Demiras kindly sent me the latest addition to the Scale Model Handbook series and yet again I am impressed with the continued quality of the publication, it’s presentation and the content. No fantasy subjects this time though, it’s military all the way.

The usual suspects are present of course, Sergey Popovichenko and Mike ‘The Kiwi’ Butler, appear to be regular contributors. Nice to see their offerings too; in this case a Thracian (Thaex ) Gladiator from Pegaso  and a German WWI Ace from Wings Cockpit Miniatures respectively.

A couple of other writers return too – Stelios Neofytidis has two articles about WWI subjects and Toshihiro Sano continues the WWI theme with a feature on a British pilot ‘Mick’ Mannock from Hawk Miniatures and also two Waffen SS crewmen from Alpine Miniatures.

Two new contributors appear as well – Qianwei Shi from China supplies an article about the painting of Life Miniatures Winston Churchill bust and Roberto Ramirez Gutierrez paints a very nice mounted figure of a Spanish subject – Cpl Vicente Manzano which shows the scratchbuilding along with the painting of this piece.

The articles are well written and although obviously they must have been translated to the English language because of the varied nationalities of the writers, don’t lose any flow and remain conversational whilst still being informative. It’s something I haven’t mentioned in the past, simply because the handbooks are so easy to sit down and immerse yourself in, you don’t initially think that these writers come from all over the world.

Again - and although I repeat this every time, it’s only fair to say – the production and quality of this publication lifts it above magazine status and is really a good way to show people from outside of the hobby that we really do paint very posh toy soldiers....... and to a very high standard, if not an art form.

A good read and a classy reference source for little tips and tricks.


ISBN: n/a

Price: £13.95

Pages: 52

Format: softback – A4

Publisher: Mr Black Publications