Scale Model Handbook WWII Special Vol.2

The Miniature Figure Art of Man Jin Kim

Now this one’s going to be a Marmite issue, you’ll either love it or hate it! For me, I’m biased in that I just love the production values that this range of publications has – so I’m already pretty much sold, but can I convince you?

  OK, let’s look at the obvious down sides first; price - it’s not cheap; All German WWII content and on the cover it states ‘A guide to painting in acrylics’, which actually isn’t strictly true, as Man Jin Kim does mention oil washes and filters.

  Now the good stuff; Man Jin Kim is a rather good painter – several Gold medals at Euro Militaire attest to this, not to mention box art for several companies including Alpine; Different scales being used, from 1/35 to 1/16 in the actual articles, plus a lot of good photos of larger scale busts.

  The thing is, yes, the subjects used are all German, but the examples are logical in that there are different uniforms covered – from Field Grey and Black leather to winter whites and three camouflage patterns. There is a section on tools and paints which offers some insight with regard to the brushes Kim uses.

  The painting starts off with how faces are tackled in the two main scales and again this might offer an alternative approach to what you do currently. The focus is then on the clothing and here’s where my interest got thoroughly engaged because the photos show every step of what Kim is doing.

  There are six articles featuring the painting of different clothing, followed by a section that glances at equipment and then a further article about producing groundwork. Finally there’s a decent gallery of some of Kim’s other work – very clear shots that show the models much larger than actual size and from this you can see how the tutorial part of the handbook has shown you on other finished pieces.

  For me, this is definitely one for the library in the painting room.                                                                        


ISBN: n/a

Price: £23.35

Pages: 84

Format: softback – A4

Publisher: Mr Black Publications