Scale75 1/35 Rottenführer

Warfront Figure Series review by Paul Carter


The Madrid based SCALE75 produce a surprisingly wide range of modelling related products and a number of these have hit MM HQ in the last few months. This is a really interesting manufacturer, check them out on .  

  One of the models that has recently come into my hands is a 1/35 Scale Waffen-SS Rottenfuhrer (Senior Lance Cpl equivalent). It is part of a range from Scale75 titled ‘Warfront’ consisting of figures, diorama accessories and associated paints.   

  The figure itself comes in a clear plastic box with a double-sided insert card showing a completed model to act as a paint guide. Moulded in a mid-grey coloured resin, the figure is about 56mm tall and consists of five parts, the torso and jackbooted legs, a head, a M1939 army helmet and individually produced arms. 

  Shown wearing a Heer type Fieldgrau Greatcoat with collar patches showing SS runes on the right side and Rottenfuhrer flashes on the left side, the figure also displays Obergefreiter chevrons along with the sleeve eagle on the left sleeve along with shoulder boards. Around his waist, the figure wears a black leather Infantry belt mounting ammunition pouches. On the back left hip a bayonet frog hangs down. 

  A newly created and released range, it is not surprisingly this sharpely produced figure displays very little flash. The parts coming together with very little fuss, or filler, needed. As seems the way with the Scale75, the pose is just right, lifelike and believable, the stance to me is that of a soldier coming to the end of a long night shift guarding a gate or fence line. Wearing the generic greatcoat, the figure will likely fit into many diorama’s. At approximately Euro 14.99 I highly recommend this.

Thanks to Scale75 for our review sample.


The German Army 1939-45 (5) Western Front 1943-1945 (Men-At-Arms Series #336):

Osprey Publishing; ISBN-10: 1855327953:  ISBN-13: 978-1855327955


Product: Construction kit

Ref: SW35-006

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 5

Price: Euro 14.99

Manufacturer: Scale75