Scale75 SS Tanker NCO

Posed in a typically arrogant stance, this latest figure from Scale 75 depicts an SS Tanker NCO (not NEO as I first thought upon looking at the package!). The figure itself is cast in one piece, only the head being a separate item.

And what a quality piece, the casting is first rate and the facial features on this figure is superb. The head is cast with a set of headphones and throat mike in-situ, also supplied is a small length of fine fuse wire to make the connection leads, a nice touch.

The uniform depicted is a common setup, the instantly recognisable black panzer jacket over a pair of camouflage trousers. A black Feldmutze, or field cap, rounds out the ensemble. All rank and medal detail is extremely well done and will just require careful painting.

No painting information is supplied but the photo insert is double-sided, showing both a front and rear view of the completed figure. There are additional images on the Scale75 website to help, if necessary.

Andy Evans


Product: Construction kit

Ref: SW35-002

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 2

Price: Approx £10.00

Manufacturer: Scale75