Dragon 1/72 Sdkfz 231

Developed from the 6-wheel (-rad) armoured cars for greater mobility, the 8-wheel (rad) versions used the same Sdkfz numbers, just to confuse us these days maybe.  The new 8-rad used the same chassis, but with some changes to move the engine to the rear rather than the front and add another set of wheels.  They were used by the reconnaissance units of armoured units from the Polish campaign onwards, and were a fast, maneuverable armoured car complete with 2 drivers positions, so it could be driven either forwards or backwards equally well, and with steering on all 8 wheels.  Armament was a 2cm gun and co-axial MG34.

The basic kit we have seen before with the frame aerial, so it will be familiar with those who bought the previous release.  No aerial therefore, but still a very nice model of this heavy armoured car.   There is the additional stand-off armour on the nose, and this does feature the moulded on tow hawser.  This is a bit too flat and is better off removed in my view, either leaving it plain or adding a more 3-dimensional hawser in its place.  Other than that, assembly is straightforward and the fit of parts is good.  In the album below you can see the parts and the level of detail included, and that also covers the chassis detail as well, which I rather like.

For the colours and marking options, there are Panzer Grey examples from Yugoslavia and Greece in 1941, another but with a sand camouflage used in Russia in 1942.  An all sand coloured example from Kursk in 1943 and finally a sand and green camouflaged alternative, as used in Sicily in 1943.  Transfers are good quality, though the SS symbols are split into top and bottom halves (the politics of where they kits can be sold I think) while the number plates also have individual digits provided rather than pre-printed plates.  Personally I prefer them to be fully printed, as in this scale the individual numbers are so tiny I find them a bit awkward these days.  OK in the larger scales, but not ideal for 1/72 I feel.

Our thanks to Dragon Models for the news.

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