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Sd.Kfz.186 Jagdtiger Porsche
Ref. #6351
Scale: 1/35
Manufacturer: Dragon
Material: Styrene, machined aluminium & PE

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The Jagdtiger was first proposed seriously as a measure to find a way of supporting infantry in early 1943. The original proposal was to utilize a King Tiger chassis, but eventually in February 1944, two prototypes were produced, one using the Henschel suspension system, the other using the Porsche hull, the subject of this kit. Both types were essentially the same above the lower hull and suspension.

The Kit

The kit is supposed to be a 'Premium' release, which means it's an older 'updated' kit of an earlier release. In this case it's a re-release of kit #6051, released years ago. It wasn't a bad kit first time around, and perhaps because of this, there hasn't been a tremendous amount of updating!

The original sprues do look sharp, so perhaps they've been cleaned up a little, but every sprue that was in the original release is here too. The only difference I can find is the addition of a tiny trapezoidal plate on one of the sprues. Even the decal sheet and photo-etched nickel grills for the engine deck are identical.

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What we do get that is new is a number of small sprues that are used to enhance the basic kit. We're given a small sprue containing on-vehicle tools without moulded on tool clamps, these being provided by the addition of a small photo-etched brass fret. There are also four slide moulded towing eyelets for the metal tow rope that is now included. There are also two small transparent sprues that contain periscopes, a turned aluminium barrel and four metal towing shackles.

It's still a beautifully produced kit, with enough plastic inside the box to keep any modeller happy, although from the close up of the idlers in picture 22 that some of the parts will need a little cleaning up! However, the shear size of the vehicle is impressive, and it's been captured well by Dragon, the entire upper hull coming as one massive moulding, with all the engine deck detail moulded in place. The welds of the armour interlocking joins look well done, and the texture of the armour looks impressive too.

The construction that most modellers will have issues with are the tracks in the kit. They are all supplied as injection-moulded multi-part links on the sprue. So not only do you have to detach and clean up each part of each link, but then they have to be assembled and modelled realistically on the vehicle. Good luck...These tracks represent the Gg 24/800/300 tracks, and yet the Gg26/800/300 tracks released in the Jagdtiger Henschel kit #6285 were supplied as 'Magic Track', and I have to believe that it would have been possible to produce a set for this kit. The kit also includes a travel lock for the glacis, which wasn't fitted to the Porsche Jagdtigers as far as I know, and of course the vehicle should also have Zimmerit, although I think a couple of the Porsche Jagdtigers didn't have it.

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Marking Options

As in the original release, two schemes are illustrated and catered for on the decal sheet. Both of Panzer Abteilung 653 during 1945, one in overall dark yellow, the other wearing a three-colour camouflage scheme.


It's still a nice kit, and even better with the metal barrel, photo-etched tool clamps etc., and if you've been after one then you'll love it. If you still have the old one you'll probably think twice about getting this one however. Now if the tracks had been taken care of, and another way to supply them had been found then it would have been a must have for many modellers.

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My Thanks to Dragon for the review sample.

For full information on all Dragon products, please see their website, Dragon Models Ltd.

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