German Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.A Armoured Command Car

One of a batch of Winter 2016/2017 new tool releases from Bronco which was first publicised on this site back in November. This is the very rare six-wheeler Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.A Armoured Command Car of which a mere ten were built and only a further 58 Ausf.Bs, with four wheels, followed. The Ausf.A was built on the chassis of a L2H 143 6x4 Krupp Protze truck and was powered by a four-cylinder flat four air-cooled engine which would not look out of place in the back of a VW Beetle. The little 65hp engine did well to propel the five tonne Ausf.A to a top speed of 43mph and under combat conditions, to a distance of up to 220 miles.

  Contained within a sturdy top-opening box, all 300 plus parts are held on 10 sprues, plus a small sheet of PE and a small, but nice set of decals. A first impression reveals all of the parts to be crisply moulded and unlike your typical tank kit, there are no obvious, large parts which give away what the vehicle will look like from the outset. The largest parts are the two side panels of the main body of the armoured hull of the vehicle and the large mudguard/running boards.

   The first of 25 stages within the instructions, begin with the Krupp flat four and just like the real thing the next stage is the chassis. Being a bit of an oddball modeller, it was the detail and quality of the chassis which caught my eye immediately and I think this would look good as a part build or as part of a ‘under production’ (or repair) diorama. Engine, exhaust system, transmission, drivetrain, suspension (leaf springs) and the twin driving differentials at the rear are all well presented. At the rear of the 14 page instruction booklet is three colour options although any shade of German Grey just about covers it.   

  Whatever floats your boat, I think you will find this to be a pleasing build of an intriguing and rare vehicle which gave the impression of being more capable than it actually was, considering drivers of the Ausf.A were advised to keep to hard roads and trails (a little bit like modern ‘off-roaders' today who are confined to towns, cities and supermarket carparks!).

  Well priced, good quality kit of a rare subject – highly recommended. Thanks very much to Bronco for supplying this kit to Military Modelling. Currently only available as a pre-order from Hobbylink Japan, Hobby Search and Lhr Modellbau Onlineshop. I’m sure within the coming weeks this will be expanded to UK based outlets.   


Product: Construction kit

Ref: CB-35095

Scale: 1/35

Parts: 300+

Price: approx £22

Manufacturer: Bronco