Revell 1/48 Sepecate Jaguar GR.1A

This new releases under the Revell brand name is actually a re-branded model that first appeared in the mid-1990s from Heller and Airfix.  Moulded in grey plastic it has plenty of stores for the weapons pylons, and a neat enough cockpit tub.  Transfers are provided for the instrument panels.  There is no note on the instructions about adding nose weight, but I'd choose to put some in just to be on the safe side.  There is of course room to re-detail the cockpit with aftermarket items if you want to, but generally the detail is not bad, for a model that is good value for money these days, with an RRP of £22.99 I believe.  A jet developed in the 1960s between the UK and France, it served the RAF well for many years.  The French Armee de l'Aire took them out of service in 2005 and by the RAF in 2007.  It remains in use by some of the export customers, such as in India.

I like that the top wing is a single piece moulding, so the angles are all sorted out when mounting them to the fuselage.  When it comes to stores, there are all sorts of choices.  You can choose to fit the over-wing AIM-9L Sidewinder mountings or not, while cluster bombs and drop tanks are all options for the underside.  If you go for the later period 41 Squadron finish, you also have the option to fit both an AN/ALQ-101 pod and a PHIMAT pod under the opposite wing. 

Two options for camouflage and markings are provided for, and both wear the wrap around grey/green camouflage schemes.  Markings are for either a 54 Sqn machine at RAF Coltishall in 1979, or a 41 Sqn aircraft, also at Coltishall, but in 1987.  The 41 Sqn aircraft has a slightly more colourful set of markings, by having a red and white Sharks Mouth design on the nose, as well as the squadron colours on the sides of the jet intakes.  In talking about the markings, the transfer sheet is also full with stencils for the airframe as well as the variety of under-wing stores, and applying these will be a task all by itself as there are lots of them.

Overall a good looking kit, and one that I think is good value for these days, something that Revell do well with. Thanks to Revell for our example.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit, @RevellGermany or or email