Limited Edition kit of WWII four-engines bomber aircraft Liberator GR Mk.V in 1/72 scale.
The kit is focused on Liberators flown by RAF Coastal Command in WWII. 
The 70pages photographic book tells the story of Coastal Command Liberators GR Mk.III & V with a special focus on No. 311 Squadron. 
The kit contains two unique plastic sprues designed by Eduard.
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ProfiPACK edition kit of German WWII fighter aircraft FW 190A-5 in 1/48 scale.
The kit offers A-5s armed with two cannons in the wings.
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ProfiPACK edition kit of German WWI fighter aircraft Fokker D.VIII in 1/48 scale.
The aircraft is known under Fokker E.V designation as well.
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Weekend edition 1/72 scale kit of WWII fighter aircraft Avia Bk.534 designed and tested as aircraft carrier fighter.
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March  2018
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