Trumpeter 1/35 Komintern Tractor

Based on a less than successful tank chassis, the T12, the Komintern turned out to be a successful artillery tractor, built and used in large numbers.  It was often used to tow the divisional 152mm M20 gun/howitzer.  Very basic, with a large bonnet over the engine, a cab for the driver and commander, then bench seats for the crew in the rear truck bed.  In winter weather I will guess it meant for a very cold and uncomfortable ride for the crew.

The kit is nicely done in their usual grey plastic, and I liked the detail on the lower hull that has been moulded in one piece.  The cab and bonnet are protected withon their own segment of the box and once again Trumpeter have used the white foam wrapping to protect fragile elements on the sprues for shipping.  A couple of sprues hold the multiple small road wheels and there are 9 sprues of individual track links.  The wood grain on the truck body is nicely done, and there are the bench seats plus an equipment box held within it.  Colours suggested are a plain dark green, though you could always add a winter whitewash if you chose to.  It doesn't appear to be an over complex build, and should go together well enough.  Great to go with Trumpeters kit of the 152mm gun of course.

Thanks to the UK importers, Pocketbond, for our example.

For more details of the Trumpeter range, see their website