Osprey Books - Spanish Civil War Tanks - front cover
Title:  Spanish Civil War Tanks
Author:  Steven J Zaloga
Publisher:  Osprey Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-84603-512-8
Regular contributor to Military Modelling magazine, a fine modeller and something of a prolific author, here is another in Osprey Publishing's series of very neat bboks from the hands of Steve Zaloga.  I have to say it is not a subject I know much about, but Steve has managed to do a very readable little book which challenges some of the myth that goes with the subject.
Most of us will know that there was German, Italian and Russian involvement wih the Civil War, and they all contributed some 'volunteers' as well as equipment to the conflict.  Thanks to some new information now available from Russia, Steve has put together an account of the AFVs used in Spain, and the experience that was gained as a result.  What is didn't do was experiment with the tactics of Blitzkrieg, as is so often recounted.  What is did do was give experience of operating tanks in combat, and how they operated over a long period of combat time.  The effectiveness of properly trained crews became obvious, along with repair and recovery operations.  The other main result was that it put an end to the idea of small machine gun armed tankettes such as the Pz I and the CV33 so tanks were then developed with heavier guns such as the 47mm used in the Russian T26 and BT5, both of whcih saw action.  The effectiveness of anti-tank guns was another good lesson learned.
Well illustrated with period photos, including some of the Spanish built armoured trucks and a home produced tank (they made 10).  Added to this are some of the colour artworks that we commonly associate with the Osprey series, including a fine cut-away of a T26.  An interesting little book, and ideal if you just want to find out a bit about the  armour used in the Spanish Civil War, and good ideas for modellers as well.
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