SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 LAH

Panzer Normandie Serie 44 by Stephan Cazenave

This French language book focuses on the unit’s refitting in Belgium during 1944, and subsequent combat during the Battle of Normandy from mid-July until the retreat to the Seine at the end of August. All combat areas of the SS-Panzer-Regiment 1 'LAI-r are covered : Hill 112 - Soliers (during Operation Goodwood) - Verrieres - Tilly- la-Campagne - Saint-Barthelemy - Mortain -Ranes - Saint-Lambert and the corridor of death (Falaise Gap).

As part of the ‘Panzers Normandie Serie 44’, the book is packed with approximately 300 good quality photographs, potentially all of them not having been published before. A superb book which I think could have been outstanding if it was dual language; that being said it would still make a great addition to the reference library and it would be a rare one as well – only 400 copies have been produced; be quick!

Thanks to Lee Archer at Panzerwrecks for our review copy which is available from


ISBN: 978–2-9552499-2-5

Price: £39.99

Pages: 160

Format: hardback – 305mm x 215mm

Publisher: Maranes Edítíons