Heimdal Sturmartillerie Tome II
Title:  Sturmartillerie Tome II
Author: Didier Laugier
Publisher:  Heimdal
ISBN:  978-2-84048-306-9
The second volume ('Tome') of this superb reference work on the Sturmartillerie is a great companion to the first. Once again, this is a French language, hardback publication from Heimdal, but it is another excellent reference for modellers and historians alike with the mixture of content.

Smaller than the first Tome, this one has 180 pages (compared to 400 pages in Tome 1).  It starts where the other left of, with the first 90 pages covering all the Waffen SS units that used Sturmartillerie.  Each one has details of the formation date, the unit commanders over the time they existed, the unit badge and a history of each unit.  These are often accompanied by tables of extra information, such as the number of servicable vehicles of each type in use with the unit at different times.  These are in turn accompanied by a host of archive photos and copies of original documents and organisation charts.

It then moves on to have some 50 pages covering the various uniforms worn by Sturmartillerie units, both Wehrmacht and SS.  On top of the archive photos, there are good clear photos of a number of different items of surviving clothing, wihich gives lots of detail of course, plus some fine colour artwork of full uniforms on a figure.

The final sections cover combat techniques and tactics employed by Sturmartillerie units, and closes with annexes on von Manstein, as the originator of the Sturmartillerie idea, and Guderian, father of the Panzer arm.  Then a list of various awards given to soldiers within the Sturmartillerie units, such as Ritterkreuz and the Deutsche Kreuz in Gold and silver.  Then some pictures of notable soldiers from the units and a final Glossary of terms.

The 2 volumes go together to make a really superb reference.  I am very far from good at French, but I am able to understand the bulk of it and can look up the odd words that throw me.  The high proportion of picture content will make thiss a real treasure trove for any modeller looking for inspiration and reference on these widely used vehicles.  The years of research that must have gone into assembling this volume and breadth of information on the use of Sturmartillerie by German forces in WW2 make this a really first class reference to have if you are interested in the subject, so a huge thank you to the author, Didier Laugier.  It will be a hard act to follow.

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