Revell 1/72 T-80 BV

Revell have done a small scale T-80 before but this has now been released with some new marking options.  Fitted with ERA and skirting under the glacis as well as on the sides, this will go well with their other Russian tank types that have released in this scale by Revell over the last couple of years.  They have already done T-72 as well as a couple of T-90 variants, and now we have the T-80 BV as well.  Coming into service in the mid-1980's, the T-80 is powered by a gas turbine engine, similar of course to the Abrams, and there is a large and quite distinctive snorkel stowed on the back of the turret.  It mounts a 125mm main gun, which could fire the AT-8 Kobra missile as well as conventional ammunition.  The turret and frontal aspects of the hull are covered with ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) blocks.

Like the others in the range, this is very nicely done, and features link and length track to fit around the running gear.  The hull is neatly done, with a one-piece upper hull and the rounded shape of the cast turret which is so characteristic of post WW2 Russian tanks.  There are lots of ERA block to be fitted, some in sections plus a fair number that are individual blocks that you need to fit on place.  Add the bins and ammo boxes, along with smoke grenade dischargers there is a lot to fit around the turret, it is a very 'busy' part of the finished kit.  All moulded on 4 neat part sprues, plus a small sheet of transfers.

The clear instructions take you through the build in the usual Revell style, plus the details of the 4 colour and marking options.  One is a plain green machine in 1985, then some camouflaged alternatives from 1985 and 2005 (different schemes by the way) and finally another single colour option from a parade most recently, in 2014.  These small scale armour models from Revell build very nicely, and this one will go well alongside their T-72 and T-90 models as well.

Thanks to Revell for our example.

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