Tiger Models 1/35 T-90MS

The fourth of this latest batch of new releases from Tiger Models, the T-90MS MBT and another super kit it is.  Clearly made thanks to the cooperation of the manufacturer from the looks of things.  The hull is essentially that of a T-72 and is common to their other new model, the BMPT-72.

So, the first elements are essentially the same as the BMPT-72 kit.  The running gear and the lower hull is the start of it all.  It uses torsion bar style suspension and you can assemble the kit so this works and the poly caps in the wheels allow them to rotate freely.  The centre disc in the drive sprocket is an etch brass disc.  The assembly does call for the use of a heated screwdriver just to melt the ends of a couple of pins.  Then there is the track itself.  Six sprues full of individual links and separate guide horns.  To assemble the tracks you fit a guide horn between each of the individual links, and then fit the separate end connectors each side to joing them all together.  The good thing though is that they have also designed and moulded assembly jigs to enable you to easily assemble small sections of links, and then join them together to build up the full tracks.  There is also an option to fit track pads to the steel links if you want to.

The hull itself is well detailed and fine fittings such as fuel lines and electrical conduits, etch parts for support brackets on the track guards, as well as etch mesh for the engine deck grills.  With reactive armour blocks, braided wire for the tow cable, side skirts and their mountings, plus a set of stand-off slat armour around the sides and back of the engine compartment, and which in this case has elements around the back of the turret as well.  Plenty of fine detail all round.

Then there is the turret.  The basic shell is another beautifully moulded piece, to which you add the extra fittings.  With many flat, angular plates, it is such a different look to the rounded, cast turret shells we have been used to seeing for so many years.  Two crew hatches on top, a remote weapon station holding a PKTM machine gun and the main gun being in plastic, representing the smoothbore 125mm 2A46M-5 weapon. This also has a soft plastic mantlet cover. While mentioning the main gun, there are ammunition storage bins at the back of the turret, designed so that should they be hit they will explode outwards, thus increasing the survivability of the crew in the event of being targeted.  There are rounds and charges to fit in these, and you have the option to fit the lids open if you want them to be visible on the completed model, which is very tempting indeed.  There are reactive armour blocks on the frontal aspects, either side of the main gun, and the smoke grenade launchers which are provided as turned aluminium parts.  On the back of the turret there is a stowage basket which is provided as an etch brass part, which has to be formed to the correct shape using a form to fold it around, and which is included in the box.  Protecting this and the ammunition bins there are sections of stand-off slat armour as well.  WIih all this detailing for the turret, including the sensor mast, it is a very 'busy' so attracts the eye to the completed model I think.

The other accessory in the box which is now standard in Tiger Models kits there are the self-adhesive labels to use on the different sprues, making them easy to identify and pick-up while you are doing the build.  For finishing options you are provided with 2 options, both in the same multi-colour camouflage and both from Arms Exhibitions.  The first was at Russia's Expo Arms exhibition in 2011, in the town of Nizhny Tagil in the Urals.  The second is for the tank at DefExpo 2012, in April of that year.  Both colour schemes are illustrated on a colour sheet with all colours referenced to paints in the Ammo of Mig Jiminez range, and who have prepared the plans for them.

Our thanks to Tiger Models for our example, they are currently trying to find a suitable UK importer to bring them in to the UK.

See the Tiger Models website for more details of their product range