TAKOM 1/35 AML-60

The highly successful French AML-60 light armoured car first entered service in 1960 and by the end of production over 4,000 of them had been built. The AML-60 has seen action across the globe including the Falklands War in Argentine hands when they came up against British Army FV101 Scorpions. Extensively modified over the years, a large number still remain in service. In its original form it was armed with a single 60mm breech-loading 60mm HB 60 mortar and a pair of 7.62mm machine guns and the AML-60 is powered by an 87hp Panhard 4HD air-cooled engine.

Another new tool from TAKOM in 2017, this is another unusual vehicle which breaks from the norm despite the fact it featured so heavily during many conflicts, especially in Africa during the 1960s and 70s. Not a large kit in 1/35, the box and the instructions have both been reduced to reflect this. There is no interior to contend with and the build progresses rapidly through 23 stages. The colour guide, which is attached to rear of the instructions, presents options for the following; Spanish Legion - Sahara 1970s (overall sand), Spanish Legion - Sahara 1970s (overall green), French Army - (three-colour camo) and Portuguese Army (overall green). 

Fancy something a bit different? Thanks to Pocketbond for supplying this kit for review which is available from www.pocketbond.co.uk.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 2084

Scale: 1/35

Parts: Approx 160

Price: £38.99 (Pocketbond)

Manufacturer: TAKOM

Website: www.takom-world.com