TAKOM 1/35 KAMAZ Typhoon-K

One of the newest groups of vehicles in the Russian inventory, the Kamaz Typhoon was only designed in 2010 and just four years later the first examples appeared in public at the Russian Victory Parade in 2014. An armoured MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protection) vehicle, the Typhoon can be used in a variety of roles including the 6x6 Typhoon-K (63968) which has a crew of two and provides transport and protection for 16 troops. Thanks to a Remotely Controlled Weapon System (RWS) a variety of weapons can be carried; the Typhoon-K one of nine in the Kamaz family looks to be a promising vehicle for the future.

TAKOM’s 1/35 version of the Typhoon-K is an impressive kit; this big vehicle suits this scale and it is a new tool for 2017. Contained in a larger than usual box, the first and largest component that catches your eye is the one piece upper hull which is 23cm long! All of the wheels are moveable, the front pair is steerable and a full interior is provided. The large instruction booklet contains 30 build stages of which none of them appear to be particularly challenging. A small PE sheet and equally small decal sheet are provided and three colour options all of them in Dark Green. A lot of money, but you will get a big and unusual vehicle for your trouble. 

Thanks to Pocketbond for supplying this kit to Military Modelling for review which is available from www.pocketbond.co.uk.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 2082

Scale: 1/35

Parts: Approx 400

Price: £57.99 (Pocketbond)

Manufacturer: TAKOM

Website: www.takom-world.com