When you first clap eyes on the box art of the Maus (‘Mouse’) V2, your first thought is that this must be a fictitious machine that could never have left the drawing board. However, Hitler’s obsession with ‘bigger is better’ saw two of these near 200 ton monsters not only leave the drawing board but also reach the trials stage before the project was overrun by the advancing Soviet forces. The first of two prototypes, the V1 was presented without an operational turret, while the V2, represented here was completed with a 128mm KwK 44 L/55 main gun. The V2 was eventually destroyed but the V1 survived and the turret from the wrecked V2 was fitted to it and today this incredible machine is preserved at the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia.

This kit of the Maus V2 is a rebox of the V1 which came out earlier in 2017, the obvious addition being the operational turret. First impressions are of a crammed box of parts dominated by multiple sprues of track components. These are workable and to be honest, the tracks are the part of the build which will consume the most time as this generally is one of the most straight-forward AFV builds I have seen to date. The A4-landscape instruction booklet only contains twelve stages as the main hull and turret are as easy as a 1/100 scale build. Once completed though, the Maus V2 will stand out from the crowd by some margin; the real thing was over 33ft long to give you some idea. If you like building big tanks this is for you!  

Special thanks to Rhiannon at Pocketbond for supplying Military Modelling with this kit for review. Great news to have Pocketbond back on board.

Product: Plastic kit

Ref: TAK02050

Scale: 1/35

Parts: Approx 680 + PE

Price: £56.99

Manufacturer: TAKOM

Website: www.takom-world.com