TAKOM 1/35 MERKAVA Mk.2B Israeli Main Battle Tank

Created on the back of knowledge gained during an Israeli incursion into Lebanon in 1982, the Merkava Mk.II differs from the Mk.I in that it is optimized for urban warfare and ‘low intensity conflicts’. Equipped with the same 105mm main gun and 7.65mm machine gun as the Mk.I, the 60mm mortar was redesigned so that it could be operated remotely from within the tank. The Mk.IIB specifically features an improved fire control and thermal sensors, an improved transmission, increased fuel capacity and additional armour.

So let’s see what we have inside this latest new kit from TAKOM. We have ten main sprues, a turret shell, the lower hull, the upper hull, a pair of track jigs, a PE sheet, a decal sheet, one cable, one metal part and an A4 landscape, 18-page instruction booklet with a single page colour and decal guide in the rear.

As you would expect from TAKOM, the part quality is extremely high and if the upper hull and turret shell are anything to go by, the detail is exquisite to. There is no interior to worry about, so the build launches straight in to the lower hull and the reasonably straight forward suspension and running gear. By stage four (of a 29 stage build) you are already assembling the tracks which are not as daunting as usual, thanks to long upper and lower sections and the help of those excellent track jigs. From stage six you begin to encounter a number of hatches ‘open or closed’ decisions including the rear engine access doors but as there is nothing behind them they might as well be closed! The upper hull will be in place by stage 11 and from stage 16 onwards it’s all turret, which like so many modern MBTs is the dominant feature and for many the most enjoyable stages of building a tank. A very impressive model when completed, the model will be approximately 22cm long so make some room on the display shelf in advance.

The colour guide at the rear of the instructions give you two options, both only differing by code letters on the side of the hull and turret. These for a Merkava Mk.IIB serving with the 1st Company ‘Alon’, of the 1st Battalion, 7th Armour Brigade and an example serving with the 3rd Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Armour Brigade.          


Yet another excellent addition to the TAKOM range which will sit nicely with that Mk.I you bought last year! Thanks to Pocketbond for supplying this kit for review which is available from www.pocketbond.co.uk.


Product: Plastic kit

Ref: 2080

Scale: 1/35

Parts: approx 350+

Price: £54.99 (Pocketbond)

Manufacturer: TAKOM

Website: www.takom-world.com