U.S. WWII Chevrolet 1½-Ton 4x4

Cargo Trucks, M6 Bomb Service Truck & Other Variants edited by Michael Franz

The Chevrolet G506 truck family was one of the most adaptable 4x4 vehicles of the Second World War. 168,603 of these 1½ ton trucks were built, large numbers of them being despatched to the Soviet Union and Britain under Lend-Lease. As well as the standard cargo truck, the G506 was built as a dumper, panel truck/delivery van, bomb service, turret trainer, telephone earth borer and fire truck to name a few. Its’ simple, ladder frame chassis was easily adapted to a wide range of configurations and was even produced with three different wheelbases.

This book, No.6038 in the Tankograd Manual Series, is packed with images of this iconic truck. A large number of these are of the vehicle in actual service plus a number from the trucks original technical manuals. Sections include history and development, cab interior, controls and instruments (from the technical manuals), engine, power train and chassis, cab and body and equipment. All images are black and white of good quality with lengthy captions with the exception of four colour images of preserved examples on the inside of the front and rear covers.   

Another great value book that I recommend for soft-skin modellers. With thanks to Justin at Bookworld Wholesale Ltd. (www.bookworldws.co.uk) who are the main distributor in the UK for this book.



Price: £10.99

Pages: 48

Format: Softback – A4

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