Tetra Model Works, 1/35 Ratchet Tie Down set Type.1

reviewed for Military Modelling by Chris Meddings


Modern ratchet tie-downs are pretty ubiquitous, being used in civilian haulage, military users or by individuals with anything substantial to move. This set includes parts you need to make these well-known and useful items to add to your vehicle or diorama.

What’s in the set?
The set includes a fret of brass parts, a sheet of laser-cut paper and a sheet of instructions. The etch parts are in four types, with enough to make 18 tie-downs plus spares for some parts. The paper straps include 16 parts, four long straps, four medium straps and 16 short straps.

  The instructions give clear directions on how to assemble the parts, plus a number of reference photos to give you some ideas of how you can use them.

  The PE parts are very cleanly etched and nicely proportioned. Scale was not checked; they look about right for 1/35 use and real ratchet straps come in a variety of sizes.
  The paper parts are very well cut and come away cleanly from the backing sheet with a quick swipe of a scalpel. The paper is nicely textured, inferring the weave of canvas or woven nylon strapping.

I assembled the set made for this review in the same order as that given in the instructions. The hook went on first and I stuck the paper down with a drop of thin CA. The hook was easy to bend and when I found out later that I wanted it facing the other way, it was easy to re-bend it without the brass snapping.
  Next I assembled the smaller part of the ratchet clasp. The folds in the brass are well-etched, not too wide and not to narrow and the fold was quick, easy and positive with no need for a folding tool. The instructions advise you to use 0.5mm plastic rod, but I always use stretched sprue for these jobs. You can slide it through until the taper of the stretched plastic is the perfect fit. I added a tiny dab of CA on one side to hold it there and sliced the excess off. I then folded the paper of the strap with the hook around the rod and secured it in the same way as before.
  After that I assembled the rest of the clasp in the same way then attached it to the first part of the clasp with more stretched rod; I then added the other rods as instructed. I took care to ensure I only used a tiny amount of CA to the pin the connected the two halves of the ratchet, to ensure it would remain poseable
  I then fed the paper of the second strap through the ratchet. It was very useful to be able to do this with the ratchet ‘open’ so I would recommend care to keep it workable. If you model it closed then try to feed the strap through.
  Finally I added the second type of attachment bracket supplied to the other end.

Although straps and ratchets are supplied for 18 sets, only twelve hooks are supplied. However you could always make some wire hooks if you need more. It would not be difficult.
  The assembly was trouble-free, everything went right first time and putting this first set together only took around ten minutes. Given how this sort of thing always gets faster the more you do, I think this is a quick and easy set to assemble.
  I really like this set and I can imagine many possible uses for the ratchets. Even if you don’t use them to tie something down, they would make a great item to have lying around on the empty bed of a pick up or military truck.
  Very highly recommended and my thanks to Tetra Models for supplying this set.


Product: Construction kit

Ref: MA-35017

Scale: 1/35

Parts: -

Price: Approx £4.90

Manufacturer: Tetra Model Works

Website: www.tetramodel.co.kr