Ross Moore by a Bushmaster

(As if I needed to evidence that I can miss things sometimes, regular member Ross Moore sent in these reference shots of the Australian Bushmaster some time ago and I have missed posting them.  My apologies to Ross for being neglectful but better late than never as they say.  For anyone building the Showcase Models kit, hopefully these will be useful for you.  Thanks to Ross for sending them through.  Robin)

BushMaster of the 12/16 Hunter River Lancers.

Well it’s Country Music Festival time again in Tamworth and the wife needed her Country fix. After being talked into getting a Cowboy hat and visiting more stores than I care to remember, I came across something I was interested in.

The 12/16 Hunter River Lancers had a Bushmaster on display. The 12/16 Hunter River Lancers are an Army Reserve Unit based in Tamworth, Armidale and Musswelbrook. The Lancers are descended from the various Light Horse Regiments that were formed in the 1880’s and a couple of detachments served in the Boer War. The horses have long since been traded in and they currently operate the Bushmasters.
For more on the Hunter River Lancers, this is a nice little synopsis.

With the recent release of the Showcase Models kit, I thought these pictures would come in handy for those thinking about making the kit.

I’m almost ashamed to say that, that is me in the cowboy boots and hat, I’m about 5’5” so that gives a little bit of scale to the vehicle.

Ross Moore

The Bushmaster is an Australian built Mine Protected Patrol vehicle, using a design licenced from an Irish Company.  Deliveries began in 2005 and completed in 2007, in 6 variants (Troop, Command, Assault Pioneer, Mortar, Direct Fire Weapons and Ambulance).  Additional orders have since been placed, adding more in 2011 and again in 2012.  They have seen service with Australian units in Afghanistan and among export success, 24 were sold to the British Army for use by SAS units in Iraq, also fitted with extra armour.