The Battle of Towton 1461

The War of the Roses by Leonard James

By far the bloodiest battle to have taken place on British soil, the Battle of Towton which took place on March 29, 1461 during the Wars of the Roses, claimed a minimum of 28,000 lives and some chronicles put the total several thousand higher. Like so many of Britain’s early battlefields, Towton is little changed and with a little historical support it is not difficult picture the scene over 550 years ago. A book that could fit in your glovebox or in your pocket would be ideal – enter the Bretwalda series of books which focus on a number of battles which have taken place in Britain since 568.

The retail cost of £4.99, considering the front and rear cover is printed in colour on heavyweight paper and the internal pages, although black and white, are produced to a good quality. This little book is made up six chapters, the first gives an overview of the Wars of the Roses followed by a roundup of the key figures and leaders involved the men, weapons and tactics, The Battle of Towton Day 1 and Day 2 and finally the aftermath. There is a spread of black and white images throughout, some to a higher standard than others supported by a number of line drawings and five plans of the battle as it quickly developed into a rout. For £4.99 this is a little gem for anyone interested in this country’s military history and the land it was played out on.      

Thanks to Chris Lloyd of Chris Lloyd Sales & Marketing Services for our review copy which is available online and from most high street bookshops.


ISBN: 978-1-909698-90-1

Price: £4.99

Pages: 48

Format: softback – 210mm x 148mm

Publisher: Bretwalda Books