The Jackal is a new vehicle in service with the British Army, entering service in 2008.  It is a patrol vehicle that is already in use in Helmand province in Afghanistan.  A small patrol vehicle, but one designed to give greater mobility and protection to itsí crew than the older Land Rover based types it has replaced. They havenít been immune from roadside bombs in service and a number of casualties have occurred.  Anti-mine protection is being improved on the latest production versions I understand. 

Designed by the Supercat Company, based at Honiton in Devon, it is built around a High Mobility Truck (HMT) 4x4 chassis by Lockeed Martin, licence built here for the Jackal.  Some production is by Supacat themselves, but with more undertaken by DML, based in Plymouth, who help with the larger production runs.  Orders for around 200 have already been put in place. Armament can be things like a 12.7mm heavy machine gun (a .50 cal), a GPMG or a 40mm grenade launcher. 

Crew of 2 or 3, the latest, enlarged versions will see that climb to 4, and a 6-wheel version (included in one of the photos here) is being built. 

Our thanks to one of our members, Tony Hoare, for contributing these fine reference photos for modellers.