Cobbaton Combat Collection, North Devon

The Cobbaton Combat Collection is to be found in North Devon, at Umberleigh, not too far from Barnstaple.  Regular member Jay Wilkins paid a visit recently and has added this album of photos of the many exhibits to be found there.  My thanks to Jay for sharing these with us, along with some of his comments on his visit. Robin

Well worth a visit if you are on holiday or live not too far away.  Its not a pristine museum, but then as modellers we all weather our vehicles, so it fits in rather nicely.  He advertises it as 'the personal collection that got out of hand'.

The owner has so much stuff crammed into three big nissan style sheds, that the vehicles are nose to tail.  As a result it is hard to get photos of some things as I couldn't physically stand far enough back.

For those who are interested in militaria, he also sells a load of excess items in his shop area from bullet cases to deactivated rifles and machine guns.


The address details of where to find the Cobbation Combat collection are -

Cobbaton Combat Collection
North Devon
EX37 9RZ

Tel: 01769 540740

You can email them for information at

See the Cobbaton Combat Collection website for maps and lots more information about what is there