The Crecy War

A Military History of the Hundred Years War from 1337 to the Peace of Bretigny in 1360 by Lt. Col. Alfred H. Burne DSO, FR.His.S

This is a book that has seriously stood the test of time as it was first copyrighted by the author back in 1955, just four years before Lt. Col. Burne passed away. Burne served with the Royal Artillery during the First World War and served again in the second, assisting with cadet training. With the passing of time this important historical piece of work has been re-published several times, this example by Greenhill Books in 1990 followed again in 2016 by Frontline Books.

For anyone studying the Hundred Years War, this book is a must. The following battles and campaigns are covered within this substantial paperback:- The 1339 and 1340 Campaigns; Brittany to The Battle of Morlaix, 1341-42; Brittany, 1342-47; The War in Gascony, 1345-47; The Crecy Campaign, 1346; The Battle of Crecy; The Siege of Calais; Between Crecy and Poitiers; The Black Prince’s ‘Grande Chevauchee’; Lancaster’s ‘Chevauchee’ in Normandy; Poitiers and Edward’s Last Campaign. While we associate Northern France with the scars of 20th Century battles the vast majority of the battle sites still exist, a good example being Crecy laid out in its full glory; a site I have visited many times.

Burne has put in a great deal effort to identify each site and even the tactics and casualty numbers are recorded for posterity. No mean feat when you are extracting information from 600 year old chronicles in a foreign language. This book is actually Part 1 of the history of the Hundred Years War; Part ‘The Agincourt War’ has been back in print since 2014.

Thanks very much to Pen & Sword for this review copy.   


ISBN: 978-1-84832-886-0

Price: £12.00

Pages: 366

Format: softback - 233mm x 155mm

Publisher: Frontline Books