The English Civil War 1642 - 1651

Battle for Britain Series – Wargame by Peter Dennis with easy rules by Andy Callan

Wargaming can be as complex and as costly as you wish but if you just fancy a dabble or a limited budget dictates other options, then this concept from Helion is perfect. This excellent series of books covers a number of major battles/campaigns including this, the first English Civil War. The highly experienced Peter Dennis and Andy Callan have combined to produce a 50 page A4 book, jam packed with all the figures for both sides plus an excellent spread of buildings and trees to add interest to the battlefield, all in paper.

All you need to produce your 28mm ‘paper’ armies is a pair of scissors, some glue, a scanner, plenty of ink and some 100 gram paper to print your forces onto. All regiments are provided, including the Redcoat and New Model, White/Greycoat, Bluecoat, Yellowcoat, Covenanter and Irish regiments and of course their commanders. Highlanders, Infantry Colours, ‘Ironsides’ and ‘Cavaliers’, Cuirassiers, Scots Cavalry, New Model Army Dragoons, Royalist Dragoons, artillery for both sides, a church, period Tudor houses and trees and foliage are all provided.

  Peter Dennis takes you through every stage of the build from making the paper armies, pikes, artillery, foot and horses to making the battlefield itself. Even if you have no intention of taking your paper armies into battle the concept of creating such a large number of forces for relatively little expenditure is very appealing. Your patience will be the only thing challenged when it comes to cutting the soldiers out, many will lose their heads and the ends of their pikes before advancing! 

The rules take up the last 14 pages of the book and what I really like is the comment ‘If you have never played wargame before, turn to pages 47-48 now!’ where you will find a couple of pages for the absolute beginner.

A very eye-catching and well-thought out series of wargaming books which will get you hooked. Thanks to Tom Bonnington at Casemate for our review copy which is available from


ISBN: 978-1-910777-90-9


Price: Approx £12

Pages: 50

Format: softback – A4

Publisher: Helion and Company Ltd.