The First (US) Infantry Division

By Stéphane Lavit and Philippe Charbonner

Sub-titled Allied Units of World War and North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, The Bulge and Germany this lovely book about the ‘Big Red One’ takes a fresh look at this famous Infantry Division. Established in 1917 the 1st Infantry Division first saw action in the trenches during the latter stages of the First World War. During the Second World War the 1st took part in the invasion of Sicily, contributed greatly to D-Day, fought their way out of the Ardennes during the battle of the Bulge and then pushed on into Germany and Czechoslovakia for the final countdown.

This book presented to us by a French publisher and dual French authors, Stéphane Lavit and Philippe Charbonner is very well laid out. It is packed with good quality period black and white and colour photography plus a number of informative battle maps of the major actions and orders of battle. With 13 chapters to its name the layout is easy to dip into and is easy on the eye; it’s a very educational approach if that makes sense! Nice touches at the rear of the book take a look at the 1st Infantry Division in the movies, facts and figures, patches, attached units, senior officers and Medal of Honour recipients.

This is a very pleasant way to get a lot of information about a large unit without having to read a novel sized book with a few black and whites buried in the middle. Highly recommended to those interested in the Big Red One and the big crucial stages of the Second World War.

Thanks to Tom Bonnington at Casemate for our review copy.


ISBN: 978-2-35250-464-1

Price: £20.00

Pages: 98

Format: Softback – 250mm x 210mm

Publisher: Sophia Histoire et Collections