Armourfast 1/72 StuIG 33B - box art

Having the basic chassis for the Pz III and the Stug in the range already, good to see that Armourfast have now added the Pz III chassis based assault gun, the 150mm Infantry Gun in the boxy superstructure to give more self propelled infantry support.

There are, as ever in the range of quick build kits ideal for wargamers and youngsters, two complete kits in the box so great value for money.  Assembly instructions are given on the back of the box, and this is straightforward.  The only thing indicated yet absent from the sprues is the hull machine gun, as they omitted from their Pz IV Asuf D as well.  Still, a short bit of rod will solve this quite minor problem.

Our thanks to Armourfast for our example, this kit is on sale now. See the Armourfast website for their full range details.